Memory Lane Farm

Tanya, a 13 year old girl, came to Memory Lane Farm in the spring after several months of destructive behaviors. Her mother called to arrange time to meet as she “was at her last straw”, as her daughter had tried to take her life three times in 2022. Tanya is a bright young lady who had years of trauma, was cutting and attempted to overdose. Although she had good supports within the community, something was missing. Tanya couldn’t verbalize what it was, nor could her mother. Tanya was enrolled in the Cultivating Hope Mentoring program and quickly became a farm favorite among staff and the animals. Tanya lit up when asked to participate in chores, grooming the horses or trying new activities. She noted that she didn’t have much of a childhood due to her traumas and didn’t know how to relate to kids her own age. As Tanya progressed, her confidence raised, she shared that her school grades had dramatically improved and she looked healthier. We not only mentored Tanya, but we spent time with her mother discussing parenting skills and identifying new ways to communicate in a healthy manner, since both mother and daughter shared trauma. Tanya was invited to be a “Mentor in Training (MIT)” at the AgriVenture Farm Camp in June. MIT’s are 7th graders and older who we consider to be good role models and have the capability to co-lead their camper group. Although Tanya’s anxiety was very high during her MIT training, once the campers arrived, she was an instant star. All of the adult volunteer mentors and leaders commented on her leadership qualities, confidence and ability to work with the campers so well! She informally won the Volunteer MVP award! In addition, she volunteered at our Foster Care Camps. Tanya shared “I loved helping the kids – I feel like I was meant to do this. I’m so happy. Even though I still have anxiety, I now know how to better manage it.” Her mother said, “You guys have greatly improved her life!”

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