Volunteer Reception Center


When: Tuesday, April 9, 2024, 5-6:30pm
Where: Forward Bank Community Room
Training includes basic overview of the volunteer reception center, mock exercise, and brief discussion.
Dinner will be provided.
Volunteer Reception Centers (VRC) are a critical component to managing spontaneous volunteer workforce in emergency response and recovery. When natural disasters occur, oftentimes people come from all over the country to offer their time and skills to help rebuild communities affected by the devastation. Volunteers come with diverse skills and ability levels and there is sometimes confusion as to how best to utilize these human resources. A VRC screens and organizes volunteers during this time to maximize the productivity of the generous people offering to help as well as keep communities safe during the recovery and rebuilding process.
We need your help in building a team of community members with the ability to work together and to turn a crowd of spontaneous volunteers into an asset and a workforce. Join us for the Volunteer Reception Center Spring Training to learn about this process, and, if you choose, become a member of this vital team.
Please note: Those interested in joining the VRC team for north Wood County must attend the training, even if you have attended them in the past.
Questions? Call our office at 715-507-5005 or email info@marshfieldareaunitedway.org