Campaign 2022

MARSHFIELD, September 14, 2022 — Marshfield Area United Way’s annual fundraising campaign is officially underway. This year the campaign is focused around the theme “Together, We Can.” There will be some changes this coming campaign as Marshfield Area United Way will have ‘Featured Businesses’ that will highlight the many ways their employees support the community through hosting a United Way campaign within their business. The businesses being featured over the next several months are:  Festival Foods, Simplicity Credit Union and Marshfield Utilities. 

“Marshfield Area United Way along with the many volunteers from our community are the real experts who know where the need is greatest and which partner programs are best able to meet those specific needs.  Because we know our dollars will get to the places where they are needed most, we are proud to be part of the United Way annual campaign.  All of us here at Festival invite you to join with us and the many other businesses and organizations here in the Marshfield area participating in the campaign to make a real difference in the lives of our neighbors,” said Martin Chy, manager of Festival Foods in Marshfield in response to why supporting United Way is important for the community. 

Though a handful of businesses will be featured there will be many others in the community working alongside them to raise dollars that will help many of our neighbors, friends, and co-workers through life’s challenging times.

“Marshfield Area United Way is an easy organization to support, the employees at Marshfield Utilities love knowing that they are able to give in order to help right in their own community. It goes along with the foundation of being a municipal or community-owned utility. Those with needs are not just our fellow community members; they are our friends, our family, and our neighbors and we are so proud to help when they are in need,” said Melissa Barnes, Human Resources Manager at Marshfield Utilities when asked why supporting our most vulnerable community members is important. 

Funds raised during this year’s campaign will be distributed in 2023 to United Way partner programs and initiatives that work to address issues such as hunger, homelessness, domestic violence, poverty and much more, right here in the Marshfield area. 

And though the money raised during the campaign are addressing many important needs in our community, there will be some fun had along the way. 

“At Simplicity Credit Union, we strongly believe in our People Helping People mission. Our United Way Campaign allows our employees to live that purpose and creates opportunities for teamwork, camaraderie, and fun through the entertaining and engaging fundraising activities we put on while supporting an incredible cause,“ said Katy Zaleski, Vice President of Human Resources at Simplicity Credit Union.

Marshfield Area United Way invites you and/or your workplace to get involved and help make a difference right here in our community. If you would like help on where to begin, please contact United Way at 715-507-5005 or by email at

You can also send tax-deductible contributions to Marshfield Area United Way via mail at PO Box 771, Marshfield, WI, 54449 or to make a secure online donation, please visit and click on the ‘Donate’ button. 

Together, we can make a difference and make life better for those who need help the most right now. Join us today.

Featured Businesses

Pictured are employees from Marshfield Area United Way’s Featured Businesses, Festival Foods, Simplicity Credit Union and Marshfield Utilities.